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Fryman Jogging Trail at Wilacre Park
Are you a fan of the Fryman Canyon Trail at Wilacre Park in Studio City?  Have you ever wondered just how far the path takes you?  Well I have, and thanks to a very cool App called iMapMyRun, I now know the exact distance and the elevation.

Word around town is that it's a three mile loop.  But, in fact, it's a bit shorter.  According to my App which utilizes the GPS feature in my iPhone, it's 2.57 miles.  If you click on "view full" in the map below, you'll even see the mile markers, assuming you start at the parking lot and go through the trail head.  This will take you up a steep asphalt road that flattens out for a bit.  Once there, the path becomes packed dirt.  When you get to the Tree People Park, be sure to continue straight to make the loop.  The trail then feeds out to Iredell Lane, then to Iredell Street.  Finally you'll hit Fryman road.  Take a left and you'll be back to the parking lot and will have completed 2.57 miles.  If you're running, be sure to watch your step as the terrain can vary and you can twist your ankle if you're not careful.  The elevation starts at about 715 feet and quickly, and steadily increases to 1146 feet. That's just over 400 feet in about one mile!  You can see the elevation by clicking on the link below.  Many people walk, hike, or jog here.  It's a great place to bring your pets.  When my kids were little, I used to carry them in a hiking backpack made for my little one.  Do keep an eye out for rattle snakes.  And recently a bobcat was spotted.  There are also coyotes in the area.  I have never seen any of them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

If you park in the lot, be sure to pay the fee, as they are very good about giving tickets.  The cost is $3.  If you park on the street, be sure to read the signs carefully so you don't get a ticket there as well.

Most importantly, have fun and stay healthy!  If you like this info, feel free to pass it along.


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