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Houses and Lions

Todd Jones reviews
In studio today with me is David Hatfield whose job is to represent homes who want to be a star. CAST Locations is a family-run business and has been providing great film locations since 1980. Thank you for joining us today to discuss real estate and the film business.
Thanks for having me.
Let me ask you this. What are some of the strangest things that you've had to ask a home owner to allow be done at their property?
Well, actually recently we've done a series of Food Lion commercials and they bring a live lion [laughter] into the homes. We've actually had four different homeowners who were like, "Sure. Bring the Lion." I mean, they're trained professionals [laughter].
Yeah, but they have big teeth [laughter].
This is true.
Oh my goodness. So, wait, you've had like actual lions in people's homes. Has anyone said no to that? Or they've all been okay?
Yeah. A few people were not excited about it. So yeah, definitely some people turn it down.
Can you imagine, the homeowner comes home and they're like, "What are these claw marks on the wall?" [laughter] That wouldn't be good. I did a little research and I found out that you recently had a car being driven inside of a house. What's that all about?
Yeah. That was another one we weren't too sure about. They wanted a mansion big enough to drive a car inside the house for a Fiat commercial. And to make matters worse, Charlie Sheen is driving the car.
[laughter] Okay, okay. I am just trying to imagine the picture. All right. So you tell the home owner, "Look, you have a beautiful house." It's obviously big house if you can drive a car in it. "We want to drive a car inside. But don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. It's just a Fiat. It's a little car. Oh, and we have somebody that's going to be driving that's very responsible. It's Charlie Sheen."
Pretty much. That's the way we had to go for it. But they fixed everything the day of. By the next morning you'd never know it happened.
I can just see Charlie Sheen doing donuts in [chuckles] the living room. That's kind of cool. How much money can a home owner expect to make by renting their home out for filming?
Anywhere from a couple thousand to as much as 10,000 a day, sometimes even more.
Wow. Now, if somebody wants to rent out their home, how do they submit their home to you to take a look at? Do you receive emails? Do you have an application on your website? What's the way to do it?
The best way to do it is to go right to our website which is There's a list your property button right on there. We have an online submission form where you can upload some photos so we can take a look at what you have or put up a link if you have them on a site somewhere.
You're listening to Real Estate Radio Los Angeles and I'm your host Todd Jones. You can find us here every Sunday at noon on the Patriot AM 1150 or


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